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Dan Broderick

I'm a musician, woodworker and technology enthusiast living in the hills of Connecticut. I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with many fine area musicians. I'm most at home expressing myself through guitar, though it is not unheard of to find me clutching a bass, mandolin, pots and pans, etc.

I have what may be termed an unhealthy obsession with an end-to-end pursuit of music, spanning from a desire for a greater theoretical understanding on one hand, to a quixotic quest for refining the physical ingredients of my music craft on the other.

To that end, I set out to refine my understanding of the mechanics of a guitar, spurred on by my studies with a master luthier.  I've focused primarily on the neck, as it is  arguably the heart of the guitar. After all, it's where the musician and the instrument intersect.  In addition to fretting, leveling and crowning, nuts, bridges, etc. I've done scale conversion building new necks to breathe new life into vintage instruments. 

Another path on my musical pursuits lead me to design, build and repair tube amps and co-design a compressor pedal.  These skills served me well in the troubleshooting and installing electronics in guitars.

Because of the organic nature of guitars (an assembly of wood, lacquer, bone) stressed by the subtle effects of temperature, humidity and time, many of the changes in a guitar's playability go unnoticed (as in the story of the boiling frog).  It is often easier to spot the need for a proper set up in an unfamiliar instrument. We accommodate these slow changes in our primary instruments and learn to play around them... I just feel that we shouldn't have to.



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